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    2. Welcome [ Wuxi Beirun Blower Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ] official website!

      The company specializes in the production of low pressure centrifugal fan, centrifugal fan, high temperature high pressure centrifugal fan, centrifugal fan, meltblown roots blower, blower, up to hundreds of kinds of products,
      In addition to widely used in domestic chemical, environmental protection, large power stations, mines, petrochemical, smelting, textiles, building materials, clothing, food, aquaculture and other industries supporting the project,
      Some products are exported to South Korea, India, Cambodia and other countries, and have been recognized by customers,
      The company hires industry experts to learn professional fan technology and design a new type of fan.

      • Quality

        Advanced technology, quality assurance
      • Efficient

        Beirun Blower, improve the transmission efficiency and reduce power consumption
      • Service

        People first, science and technology innovation
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